On Domus web SUBENDO city #1 – Sao Paulo -07 | 2012

Sao Paulo contends with New York for the largest number of helicopters private transport:
235 helipontos
85 licensed
In Sao Paulo, the one who got the means, moves lifted up from the ground.

Were would you go if you had an helicopter?

city #1 Sao Paulo | SUBENDO | novos helipontos publicos em Sao Paulo | project by Antonio Ottomanelli, Paola villani and the Bela Vista Barrio inhabitants

S U B E N D O is a guerrilha design photography project realized during a workshop in collaboratio with: NovOlhar social welfare center - SeHab da cidade de Sao Paulo – Sao Paulo Calling - IRA-C

SUBENDO is an ongoing project and Sao Paulo is the first city we chose.

Next cities: Tripoli, New York, Baghdad

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Behind SUBENDOstreaming - Praça da Sè


SUBENDO Project by Antonio Ottomanelli
Paola Villani
Bela vista Barrio Inhabitants

in collaboration with:
NovOlhar social welfare center - Sao Paulo Calling - SeHab da cidade de Sao Paulo – IRA-C

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