Is a project realized between November 2011 and February 2012 (months of the U.S. troops withdrawal) during a workshop carried out with the contribution of the University of Baghdad - Fine Arts Faculty.

Baghdad has suffered structural damage after the U.S. military occupation. The latest map of Baghdad was made by the U.S. Army in 2003, for military and strategic purposes, in a very large scale. There is no civilian map of the current configuration. There is no census or registry.

Mapping identity is our proposal for an honest redesign of the city of Baghdad, as close as possible to the reality that pervades it.


Mapping Identity Project by Antonio Ottomanelli

with the students of the Fine Arts Faculty Baghdad:
Ali majed - Muslim Aqeel Hassan - Noor Abid Ali - Sarmad Sabar Abid - Noor aladdin Mohamed - Mohammed Bassim - Meden Kadhem - Ali Sabar Hardan


Paola Villani: technical consultancy in Italy
Lucio Ruvidotti: graphic and editing consultancy in Italy
Saad Abdul Wahab: Texts translation from Arabic language

Maden | Rec #3 | 21 years old | Hay Our Street
Lives with his family in a Baghdad class district