FIRE FLY machine
Is a project realized inside the Istanbul Design Biennial, between Oct 2012 and Nov 2012, during a workshop carried out with the contribution of the IKSV Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and the Marmara University of Istanbul - Interior Design Faculty.

The Istanbul Design Biennial was the occasion to continue the Mapping research, which is
a practice always organized in three steps, referred to a collective intimacy biography:
1. survey (investigation)
2. story (registration)
3. monumentalization

This triple structure permit us to join in a organized and positive practice, different kinds of experiences faced in other contexts:

MAPPING IDENTITY (mental mapping);

PRIVATE MONUMENTS (events of everyday life focused on perception of the space; study of the anthropologic effects of a specific government system);

SUBENDO (guerrilla design project).

The output is dual because on one hand there will be a multimedia installation, and on the other hand we will have a design project of urban mapping. These are obtained adding, as two different layers, private monuments and mapping - PANORAMIOanalogic, changing then the spatial dimensions and the format in order to transform the map in a real city and each person a new private monument storyteller that can changethe urban structure only for a night - FIREFLY CITY.


project by Antonio Ottomanelli

and Paola Villani
with Claudia Mainardi, Giacomo Ardesio.

in collaboration with:
IKSV Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
IRA-C interaction research and architecture in crisis context
Marmara University, Interior Design Faculty